VCRPlus+® Code Calculator

Notes and Limitations: This program is only good for channel number 64 or less, and requires the use of start times and durations that are multiples of a half hour. The complete coding system is a trade secret of the patent holder, see notes below.

Number mapping - many stations are listed in local papers with code numbers given, these numbers may be remapped to different channel numbers by your VCR, for example broadcast channel 41 might be referred to by channel 27 in the VCRplus codes. Check your VCR for channel guide code mapping options.

So what about cable TV channels that have names instead of numbers? Many of them have been mapped to channel numbers for use with VCRplus. The problem then is that you may actually have a local station at that channel number, separate from the cable network channel reserved for that VCRplus channel number. And, of course, your local cable TV provider has probably mapped all the channels to different numbers anyway for the service they provide. Here's a chart of cable channels I know about:

        A&E     39      Arts & Entertainment Network
        AMC     35      American Movie Classics
        ASN     19      Arizona Sports Programming Network
        BET     57      Black Entertainment Television
        BRV     54      Bravo
        CNN     42      Cable News Network
        COM     24      Comedy Channel
        CSP     30      C-SPAN
        DIS     53      Disney Channel
        DSC     37      Discovery Channel
        E!      63      E! Entertainment Television
        ESN     34      ESPN
        FAM     47      Family Channel
        HBO     33      Home Box Office
        LIF     46      Lifetime
        MAX     45      Cinemax
        MTV     48      Music Television
        NIK     38      Nickelodeon
        SHO     41      Showtime
        TBS     43      TBS
        TLC     51      The Learning Channel
        TMC     58      The Movie Channel
        TNN     49      The Nashville Network
        TNT     52      Turner Network Television
        USA     44      USA Network
        VN1     62      Video Hits 1
        WGN     55      WGN, Chicago
And some others this software package can't use because the channel numbers are too large:
        AT      85      America's Talking
        CAR     78      Cartoon Network
        CNB     74      CNBC
        ES2     76      ESPN2
        FX      89      FX
        SCI     87      Sci-Fi Channel

VCRPlus+ is a trademark of Gemstar Corporation